Small yoga class learning environment.
Janine Woo

Shoulder Workshop

with Janine Woo

Thursday January 4, 2017
10:00-11:30 am

$35 plus HST

Finding Strength and Stability for the Shoulder Joint!

We use our shoulders all the time, every day. When we carry our bags, lift things, type on the computer, brush your teeth, but could more awareness help you use your muscles efficiently? YES! In this workshop we will bring greater awareness to your shoulder through anatomy, yoga asana and other movements modalities. Through this workshop you will become more aware of your body & shoulders, and make intelligent choices for your shoulders. Your shoulders are unique to your body/anatomy.

NOTE: if you have frozen shoulder or other debilitating issue, you should rest and see a specialist for therapy. However, you may watch for future reference but will not be able to participate in the exercises.

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