Small yoga class learning environment.
Yoga Basics - Perfect if you are new to yoga or recovering from an injury. A gentle moving class with a focus on learning the proper alignment of the yoga asanas for your body, gradually working into a gentle flow. Great preparation for Flow 1 or Hatha 1 classes. Some students choose to stay with Yoga Basics for many sessions - no requirement to advance.

Ashtanga 1 - is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. In this dynamic and challenging class we will move through about half of the primary series of postures. Some familiarity with Ashtanga yoga is recommended, but not mandatory.

Flow 1 - All Levels - A gentle Hatha Vinyasa class suitable for all levels. For students new to yoga, it is recommended to complete one session of yoga basics.

Flow 1~2 - Intermediate - Perfect for Flow 1 students ready to intensify their practice.

Flow 2 - Intermediate/Advanced - This class is perfect for the student with an established yoga practice. A vigorous Hatha Vinyasa sequence for students that like to work up a sweat and enjoy some good tunes at the same time.

Gentle Yoga - Gentle Yoga is an introduction to the benefits of learning to relax and energize with Yoga.

Hatha 1 - All Levels - Hatha yoga is the foundation from which all other forms of physical yoga have arisen. This class will involve some flow as well as a learning and working of individual poses. Every class will be a fully rounded routine in that we will work all parts of your body as well as a full range of poses. Suitable for all levels but a session of Yoga Basics is recommended for beginner students.

Hatha 1~2 - Intermediate - Perfect for Hatha 1 students ready to intensify their practice.

Hatha 2 - Intermediate/Advanced - A challenging Hatha class with deep backbends and inversions. Suitable for students with a strong yoga practice.

Deep & Delicious Hatha - All Levels - Develop and deepen your practice. Ideal for all levels. For the advanced yogi, this class is a great opportunity to deeply explore the subtleties of familiar poses and experience the benefits on a whole new level. For the beginner yogi, this class offers an opportunity to learn alignment and integrate how the poses feel in the body. Find stability without holding, undo tension and develop a new awareness of your practice.

Yin Yang Hatha - All Levels - A balanced Hatha practice that includes accessible, active and dynamic sequences (Yang) with receptive, long holds (Yin). Conscious breathing and mindfulness are emphasized during a fluid flow from pose to pose, and guided meditation is offered during the quiet, still postures. Ayurvedic wisdom is used to inform the practice. Best for those with some yoga experience.

Pilates Basics - Pilates for beginners. The perfect starting level for those new to Pilates or dealing with core/lower back weakness.

Pilates 1 - A Step up from Pilates Basics. For students ready to challenge their Pilates practice.

Pilates 2 - Attain length, tone, agility and strength through this core focused class. This unique vigorous program integrates the use of weights and bands to provide a full body workout which will enhance your overall fitness experience.

Restorative Yoga - All Levels Restorative - A gentle yet deep Iyengar based practice. Using bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps we modify traditional Hatha yoga postures to enable long meditative holds. Perfect for students seeking stress relief, suffering from injury or looking to slow down their practice and deepen.

Restorative Yin Yoga - All Levels Restorative - Prop supported Restorative postures are interwoven with Yin postures to pressurize and stretch the meridian lines. Conscious breathing and mindfulness are emphasized throughout and Ayurvedic wisdom is used to inform the practice. Brief sitting meditation to conclude.

Restorative with Standing Postures - All Levels Restorative - A combination class of Prop supported Restorative postures and traditional Standing Hatha Postures. A perfect class for those with shoulder, knee or wrist issues that prevent kneeling, planks or downward dog types of postures. There is no weight bearing on the hands.

Yoga for Therapy and Movement - All Levels Restorative - We will use props (balls & straps etc) and movement to enhance proprioception and range of motion.  The class will draw upon the Franklin Method, yoga theory and more. Suited for all levels but especially those interested in lessening tension and increasing ease.

Morning Meditation - All Levels - Come start your day with an early morning meditation and gradually deepen your sitting practice. We will begin each session with enhancement practices such as pranayama, and a Yin posture. Over the course of the 8 weeks, we will focus on mindfulness with support to cultivate concentration and attentional balance, gradually lengthening our time on the cushion and shifting to a mindfulness without support practice to cultivate a broader awareness and an ability to be with whatever arises without clinging or fixating. Ultimately, improving our capacity to fully experience life with contentment and ease.

Swing Yoga - Come fly with me........Yoga classes suspended from the ceiling. Suitable for ages 18 to infinity and beyond!

The Deep Relax - All Levels Restorative - A combination of meditation, breathing exercises, restorative yoga and gentle stretching. This class will leave you feeling stress free!

Kids Yoga
- Grades 2, 3, 4 - Come and learn the ancient art of yoga through storytelling and asana practice. Children of all abilities will enjoy learning techniques to increase positive energy, decrease anxiety, improve focus and quiet the mind – all in a playful, non-competitive setting - Mats provided